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Bob Blizzardís Performance Cornering Seminars are designed for road course drivers who wish to rapidly maximize both their carís potential and their driving skills. No matter the vehicle, the driving style or the experience level, all drivers run into limiting factors that can hinder their ability to improve their lap times.

The PERFORMANCE CORNERING SEMINAR has been provided nationally since 2006. It is unique and very different in content from that provided in other driving/racing schools. Suspension components and their relationship to each other are explained, and the resulting knowledge is then combined with interpretation of car feedback, track analysis, line development, cornering, braking and accelerating techniques. This enables participants to improve their performance by changes in car set-up and/or track line. You will learn what you can do, on and off the track, to optimize your performance.

Without a solid, basic knowledge of your carís suspension and how it affects your cornering, braking and acceleration, it is difficult to know what your car needs to be driven quicker around a road course or circuit. Do you adjust the bump or rebound of your shocks? Should you change the springs or the sway bars? Should you adjust your tire pressures? Should you change your wheel alignment Ė if so, which, front or rear? If you have a crew chief or mechanic, are you speaking the same language when you describe to him what your car is doing on track? If you change your line, should you change your suspension settings? If so, which ones? How should you adapt your driving techniques to optimize your set-up while on track? All of these questions and many more are addressed and answered during the seminar. (Joint participation by both driver and crew chief has had great results.)

In-car driver coaching is offered and highly recommended as a follow-up to help drivers hone their understanding of what their car is telling them and focus in on the appropriate car preparation and driving skills for specific situations, corners and tracks.

This seminar will pay for itself many times over in savings on tires, brakes, drive-train components etc., not to mention the personal satisfaction and gratification of seeing your times improve. There is no better feeling than bettering your best time. It makes all the time and money spent on your car and at the track worth every penny.

The PERFORMANCE CORNERING SEMINAR has been provided at select tracks across the country (Virginia International Raceway, Buttonwillow Raceway, Willow Springs International Raceway, Sebring International Raceway, Putnam Park and Mid-America Motorplex). Go to Schedule/Events for 2012 details.


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